Black diesel is an experimental fuel which is made up of standard diesel and used motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid or in some cases, gear oil.
In order to make black diesel you must:
* First filter the oil, I would advise to around 20 micron at this stage, this is so that you can get rid of any large particles that could do your engine some serious harm by clogging filters and damaging fuel injectors.
* Now you must mix your oil and diesel, the ratio of oil:diesel that you use depends on the engine you are running, for older IDI models you should use no more than a 1:1 ratio, half oil and half diesel, this being done will create very little extra black smoke to come from the exhaust as long as it has been filtered properly. As far as I can tell, the best results when using black diesel in a car is to use around 10-25% waste oil and the rest as diesel. For newer IDI models you should only use up to 10% oil and the rest should be diesel, this is because newer IDI models have an optical sensor that needs to be able to see through the fuel, and if there is too much oil, this is not possible. There is no hard data that suggests what is an old IDI or a new one for that matter, so you will need to find out the details for your own vehicle. I would advise you to not use waste engine oil if you are putting it into a modern vehicle as they are less tolerant to the change in viscosities, latent heat strength and burn characteristics.
* This stage is not a requirement but it does speed up the next stage. You can heat your oil in a high pressure oil furnace to at least 160˚F (around 70˚C), this allows the mix to flow quicker through a system
*Finally, you should, again, filter your black diesel but this time through several filters with different micron ratings, I would personally go with another 20 micron, then a 10, a 5, a 3 and then I would advise filtering through a 1 micron (or less) filter (70% of engine damage is caused by particles that are as small as 4 micron, so if you get rid of these particles then you will have an extended engine life, and the final filter would get rid of the very fine carbon particles that will eventually clog fuel filters and injectors).

Remember, Black Diesel is an experimental fuel, so following these instructions is entirely at your own risk!

Just like everything else in the world, black diesel has advantages, and where there are advantages, there are disadvantages, these are as follows:


* Black diesel has more energy per gallon than standard diesel, this means that you can get more miles and power from your diesel engine.
* No engine modification is required
* Engine runs quieter and smoother because of the lubricating properties that the oil has, this ultimately increases your engine life (This mainly applies to transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid or very clean engine oil)
* Using black diesel reduces the amount of waste oil that would usually be thrown into a lake, the sea or a landfill site. Only 50% of motor oil is recycled and 1 gallon of oil is enough to make 1,000,000 gallons of water undrinkable.


* Some people have reported that black diesel increases the amount of black smoke coming out of their vehicles exhaust, this will be down to the quality of the oil, the oil not being filtered enough or there is too much oil in the mix.
* Damage to fuel injectors and clogged filters, this again will be down to poor filtration of the oil.

Therefore, as long as the vehicle being used is able to run on black diesel and it is made properly by being well-filtered and the right mix of oil and diesel is used, then there should not be any problems.

Judging from information that I have gathered, I can see that the best results are coming from people who have used hydraulic oil or transmission fluid with diesel, it seems that the properties of the oil keeps the fuel injectors clean and well lubricated. But if doing this, you need to try and find the driest oil you can because it could take much more energy in heating to de-water than you will save in fuel costs you then need to filter the oil down to 3 micron to get rid of the solid contamination .

A final reminder: Black diesel is an experimental fuel and the use and production of it is entirely at your own risk.

All the filteration rigs and filters you will need can be found on our official website:

Thanks for reading!